Ditch the green beer & brew your own this St. Patrick’s Day

If green beer isn’t your thing (and let’s be real, is it really anyone’s thing?), our friends at Northern Brewer have a different idea for your St. Patrick’s Day: brew your own traditional Irish beer.

The malty, deep copper-red colored Irish Red Ale is Northern Brewer’s best-selling recipe kit, or if you like something a little darker, try the Dry Irish Stout, which has a pronounced roasty, coffee-like flavor and aroma, imparted by a generous helping of roasted barley. If you brewed these on St. Patty’s Day, they’d be ready to enjoy by late April.

For the more advanced brewer, we’d also suggest our Irish Hunter Porter with Brett recipe. Drinking this beer young will highlight the tarry, French-roast quality of black patent malt and the bittersweet admixture of malt, ale yeast, and hops. While time in the secondary fermenter and cellar will significantly mute the hop bitterness but also lean out the body, as well as add overtones of leather, smoke, funky esters, and ripe fruit to the roasted malt character.

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