BrewDog reveals name of spirits operation; Lone Wolf Distillery

Photo via BrewDog

Photo via BrewDog

The enigmatic Scottish brewery, BrewDog, has revealed the name of its spirits project, Lone Wolf, as well as a few plans for its upcoming spirits.

Once their stills begin heating up, they will become the only craft distillery in Scotland to be making their own base spirit for gin and vodka under one roof. It’s a relatively common practice in craft distilling to buy neutral grain spirit (effectively pure ethanol) from a larger distillery, then distill it again and cut it down to spirit strength (for vodka) or distill it again with botanicals (for gin).

Of course, since its Scotland, BrewDog is planning on making whiskey along side their “single-malt” vodka and bespoke gins. Lone Wolf Distillery will also have “experimentation at its heart“, so expect a wide range of aged and flavored liqueurs and spirits in the future.

[H/t The Drinks Report]

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