Brewery Ommegang’s recognizes brewers working the graveyard shift with new beer

Shadow Brewer

While we’re tucked into bed, sound asleep, they’re there at the brewhouse in the dead of night mashing in, cellaring, and packaging beer. They are “shadow brewers”—the men and women making sure the fermenters are full so the store shelves stay fully stocked.

Brewery Ommegang of Cooperstown, New York, is releasing a new beer this winter to recognize the hard, unsung work of its graveyard shift brewers. Shadow Brewer Imperial Stout is the latest addition to the Brewmaster’s Obsession Series.

“A Russian imperial stout is a beer style I have long wanted to explore” said Ommegang Brewmaster Phil Leinhart. “I’ve been waiting for the right moment and the right inspiration. Once we cracked it, to me it only made sense that Shadow Brewer should honor our midnight brewers. As a veteran of many a nightshift during my early days in brewing, I can tell you this is the perfect beer to enjoy after working in the cold and dark all night.”

Shadow Brewer is a limited release that will be available late-February in 750-milliliter bottles and on draft.

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