Dangerous Man creates new experimental double IPA for gamers

Goliath Experimental IPA

Dangerous Man Brewing is tapping a new experimental double IPA this Sunday* in collaboration with Octopus Tree, a local video game publisher that is launching its first three games at the taproom.

The beer is based on Octopus Tree’s recently released action game, “Goliath,” in which players build giant robots to battle foes. Goliath Experimental Double IPA was crafted to mimic key features of the video game by experimenting with several varieties of hops, including the new TNT hop, to build a double IPA. Goliath Experimental Double IPA will be available on draft and in bottles at the Dangerous Man taproom.

Dangerous Man Brewing will host a launch party for Octopus Tree on Sunday, June 5 from noon–8pm. During the party, which is open to the public, visitors will be able to purchase bottles of Goliath Experimental Double IPA from the Dangerous Man Growler Shop or experience the beer on tap inside the taproom. Visitors will also be able to play Octopus Tree’s first three games, the recently released “Goliath” and “Robot Arena III,” as well as the upcoming “Buildanauts.”

Established in 2016, Octopus Tree is a video game publisher focused on individualized attention to independent core game development partners. Octopus Tree offers a variety of funding, publishing, development, marketing, quality assurance and sales services to game developers based on the unique needs of their projects. Octopus Tree publishes games for a variety of channels and platforms. Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Octopus Tree is a subsidiary of Encore Publishing Group.

Correction: The beer will be tapped on Sunday at Dangerous Man taproom, not Saturday as originally stated.

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