Dogfish Head Hoo Lawd claims to be the hoppiest beer ever

Dogfish Head Hoo Lawd

Leave it to Delaware’s Dogfish Head to push the boundaries of beer. The brewery has lived up to its motto of “Off-centered Ales for off-centered people” by reviving ancient recipes, crafting ultra strong beers, and now giving birth to the hoppiest beer ever documented through scientific analysis.

According to the BJCP guidelines, an IPA falls somewhere between 40–70 in International Bittering Units. Double IPAs somewhere between 60–120. Dogfish Head’s Hoo Lawd clocks in at a palate-busting 658 IBU.

The name comes from the sensation you get after you take your first sip. “It’s abnormally intense enough that it immediately leads to the abnormal spelling of words.” Dogfish founder and president Sam Calagione says, “as in, Hoo Lawd I can’t seem to stop myself from taking another sip even though this is DEFCON-five-hoppy!”

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