Dollar dogs and baseball-themed beers ring in opening day at Eastlake


Ring in MLB opening day with a Kirby Pucker, Dank Aaron, or Blueliner Pale Ale, plus a dollar dog (or two) from Taco Cat // Photo via Eastlake Facebook

It may be too cold to feel your hands outside, but it’s opening day for Major League Baseball, and Eastlake Craft Brewery is celebrating by airing all the day’s ball games (even some basketball sneaks in there), dollar dogs courtesy of Taco Cat, and trivia.

Welcome the start of baseball season with a Dank Aaron or Kirby Pucker. As an added bonus, Blueliner Pale Ale will even be making a reappearance sometime during the day.

Here’s the lineup:

12pm: Astros/Yankees
2pm: Twins/Orioles
3pm: Mariners/Rangers
6pm: Dodgers/Padres
7pm: Twins/O’s replay
8pm: Men’s Basketball NCAA Championship
9pm: Cubs/Angels

In the evening, Thisaphone Sothhiphakhak will be asking questions about something or other all night trivia-style (probably something loosely related to baseball).

Trivia starts at 8pm, the warmup starts at 7pm.

Happy Opening Day!

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