Eastlake Brewery wins award for packaging at international design competition

Eastlake Branding Rice Creative29

Eastlake Craft Brewery’s branding takes its inspiration from the brand identities of Industrial Revolution-era companies // Image via Rice Creative website

The 2016 Dieline Awards, an international design competition, awarded Eastlake Craft Brewery a silver medal in the beer and cider category for the brewery’s packaging.

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Eastlake bottle designs // Photos via Rice Creative website

While the award was specific to the bottle designs, the broader story of Eastlake’s branding, which was developed by Rice Creative in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is a interesting one. The company took inspiration from the history of the Midtown neighborhood where Eastlake is located, which was once more industrial-focused. As a result, Rice Creative began researching the brand identities of Industrial Revolution-era companies.

“Researching brands from this era, we realized that many of them had more than one functioning logo which they used interchangeably,” Rice’s website states. “This pre-modernist sensibility became a key factor in the Eastlake identity as it touched on another of the brands core values, diversity.”

Eastlake Branding Rice Creative34

Eastlake’s six interchangeable logos // Image via Rice Creative website

Rice’s research resulted in the six logos shown above that Eastlake uses interchangeably on everything from their pint glasses to t-shirts, hats, and taproom signage.

“As a way of unifying the diversity of components that make up the Eastlake brand, we created stamps. The stamp acts as a textural filter, adding imperfections and distressing the line,” Rice Creative says on its website.

Eastlake Branding Rice Creative32

Stamps of Eastlake’s logos // Photo via Rice Creative website

Eastlake Branding Rice Creative30

Stamps created by Rice Creative for Eastlake // Photo via Rice Creative website

Eastlake’s bottles feature eight unique characters also designed by Rice Creative. “We created a set of anthropomorphic, working-class characters who represent the local community as well as the patrons of the bar. A set of eight distinctive characters were created, each with its own persona and attitude.”

Eastlake Branding Rice Creative31

Character designs at Rice Creative // Photo via Rice Creative website


Eastlake bottles featuring the eight characters designed by Rice Creative // Photo via Rice Creative website

Click here for more about Rice Creative’s process and here for more about the award.

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