Escape MSP opens new Lowertown St. Paul location

Escape MSP in Lowertown St. Paul, located above Dark Horse Bar & Eatery, opens Thursday, January 26 // Photo via Escape MSP’s Facebook page

Clocks, locks, and incriminating evidence—sounds like a TV show thriller, right? Well, as of January 26, it’s a new business venture opening up in St. Paul.

For those who enjoy mystery, secrecy, and mental puzzles, Escape MSP is a heart-racing experience that also focuses on team building.

“We’re absolutely excited,” Chris Rennie, marketing manager for Escape Inc., Escape MSP’s parent company, says. “It’s a good activity that’s truly unique. It’s ‘spy fun.’”

Escape MSP first opened in June 2014 in Minneapolis with two “missions,” where teams of four to 10 players are locked in a fully-themed room with two goals: collect a hidden asset or incriminating evidence, all before time—a mere 60 minutes—runs out. Since 2014, the Minneapolis location has amped up their scenarios to a total of four different missions. And now, an Escape MSP location will be operating in St. Paul, located above Dark Horse Bar & Eatery.

“Escape MSP is a vibrant activity to do with friends and family, and St. Paul is a vibrant community, so it just made sense,” Rennie says.

The Lowertown location will offer two missions: “Investigation of a Miss Treedeath,” and then beginning February 2, “The Raid on Mr. Croft’s Museum.”

Escape MSP caters to a wide range of participants, from 10-year-old kiddos to corporate office workers. “A lot of corporations sign up for team bonding and building, and we see a lot of multigenerational families,” says Rennie. “We’ve had 85-year-olds come and partake in the missions. No matter what age, gender, it’s a good way to build up team morale and to have fun while doing it. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be a secret agent?”

And stay tuned, as The Growler crew will be turning into rogue detectives, using our clever wits to successfully escape, in the near future.

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