Fair State releasing Citra Sour this Thursday, July 7

Photo courtesy of Fair State Brewing Co-op

Photo courtesy of Fair State Brewing Co-op

The sour beer lovers of the Twin Cities should keep their eyes peeled at Fair State Brewing Co-op for the next year or so. They’ll be releasing all manner of sours in the upcoming months—including this week, a hopped-up version for summer.

Fair State Citra Sour was the first keg to get drained at their Mixed Culture festival at the end of June. The barrel-fermented, mixed-culture “pale ale” was hopped and dry-hopped exclusively with Citra hops.

“The goal with this beer was to produce something that married the qualities of a fresh, hop-forward pale ale and a mixed-culture sour beer,” Fair State head brewer Niko Tonks tells us. “The result is a sour and funky beer that has tons of tropical and stone fruit hop flavor and aroma. Unlike your average barrel-aged sour, this beer is best consumed fresh to preserve that hop character.”

Citra Sour will be released this Thursday, July 7, at the Fair State Brewery at 4pm. The 750ml bottles are $18 each. They’ll also have it on draft (while it lasts, which probably won’t be for long).

Fair State Citra Sour
Citra-hopped mixed-culture “pale ale”
ABV: 5.7%
IBU: 25
Release: Thursday, July 7, 2016, 4pm

[Editor’s Note: Fair State’s Citra Sour was produced in collaboration with Oakhold Farmhouse Brewery. (July 7, 2016)]

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