Grazers Meats launches CSA model for grass-fed beef

Cows at Cloverleaf Grass Farms, photo via Facebook.

Cows at Cloverleaf Grass Farms, photo via Facebook.

During our month of conservation stories, we recommended buying farm-direct beef as a good way to bypass a wasteful supply chain and help out a local farmer’s bottom line. The one downside is that a quarter-cow is a crazy amount of meat. If you’re single, or don’t have a deep freezer, it doesn’t make much sense.

But a new company launches this month to solve that very problem. Grazers Meats offers smaller, well-portioned cases of grass-fed beef. Their 10 lb. cases feature pre-selected variety of different cuts (steaks, ground beef, and roasts) offered together for $100. Customers order their cases online and pick-up at Lowry Hill Meats, the terrific butcher shop in Uptown.

By applying the CSA model to meat, Grazers intends to make it easier for customers to support farmers, and hopes to provide farmers a better margin for their product. “Farming is part of our midwestern heritage, and part of my family legacy,” says co-founder Chet Funk, via press release. “I’ve seen firsthand the pressures on farmers to move product, and have seen them get squeezed. We wanted to do something about that and help this industry in a new way.”

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