Harriet Brewing will close in January 2017

Harriet Brewing Company

Photo by Davin Haukebo-Bol // Photo courtesy of Harriet Brewing

Harriet Brewing announced on Facebook this afternoon that they will close after January 31, 2017.

Harriet was among the first taprooms to open in Minneapolis after the passage of the Surly Bill. They became well known for their Belgian-influenced beers like West Side IPA and Divine Oculust, as well as their remarkable commitment to live music, which culminated with their Rauchfest celebration in the fall. Numerous Metro-area brewers have once manned the tanks at Harriet, including Keigan Knee of Modist Brewing.

It seems as if a development issue has forced Harriet to either relocated or close, and they’ve chosen the latter. Their full statement from Facebook:

Fellow Harriet Brewing Supporters,

Harriet Brewing will close after Jan 31, 2017. After 6 crazy years, it’s time to move on. Development plans for our property do not align with Harriet; thus, we’ve been forced to relocate. After much contemplation, it has become apparent that Harriet can only exist in it’s current location. Attempting to relocate and repeat would be lame. Relocating would require a new brand and business plan, and, frankly, starting another brewery now seems unoriginal and risky in this saturated market. Please join us in supporting the final chapter of Harriet Brewing during these next 3 moths! [sic] Let’s celebrate the short life of this fantastic MN craft brewery! The music will rock and the beer will flow till the end!

Yours in the love of beer!

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