House to vote on Sunday liquor sales today

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The Minnesota House of Representatives will consider the addition of a Sunday liquor sales amendment to a bill that will be voted on this afternoon. The amendment would allow individual municipalities to authorize Sunday liquor sales.

Rep. Jennifer Loon, R-48B introduced the amendment to HF 3699. It reads, in part, “a municipality may authorize off-sale licensees or a municipal liquor store under its jurisdiction to make off-sales of intoxicating liquor on any day, provided that no sale may be made before 8:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m.” The amendment also specifies that no alcohol deliveries could take place on Sundays, a concession that pro-Sunday sales advocates and legislators have made in the past to appease the Teamsters Union.

The amendment will be introduced and given an up or down vote on the House floor sometime this afternoon after legislators reconvene at 12:30pm. Once all of the amendments to the bill have been voted on, the bill itself will be given a vote.

Among other items, HF 3699 also includes language that would allow South Minneapolis’ Cap’s Grille to become a brewpub and alcohol sales to take place at the new Minnesota United FC soccer stadium in Midway.

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