Is canned wine the next big thing?


Craft brewers have long known the benefits of packaging product in aluminum cans. It keeps the beer fresher longer, is more recyclable, and is less costly to transport. But the stigma of bland macro-beer associated with cans was difficult for craft beer drinkers to swallow. But craft beer drinkers have seen the light and are driving a can craze that has spread across the nation.

The question now is, how much longer will it take before wine drinkers embrace the benefits of cans and start putting away their corkscrews for good? Some innovative wineries from around the world are dabbling in the aluminum format, and some are having great success.

From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Several innovative wineries around the world have started “bottling” their juice in cans and marketing it toward a hipper crowd, some—like Oregon’s Underwood—more successfully than others. Underwood’s pinot noir, pinot gris and rosé aren’t dumbed-down novelty wines. They’re what they’d put in glass, and do, just more portable.

Read more about Underwood’s wine at San Diego Union-Tribune’s website.


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