Maple syrup season has arrived

Maple trees tapped and ready to go // Photo via

Maple trees tapped and ready to go // Photo by Mike Sonnenberg for

You know spring is just around the corner when maple syrup events start popping up around Minnesota.

According to the Minnesota DNR, maple sap runs best when daytime temperatures are in the high 30s to mid-40s, and overnight temperatures are below freezing. Sometimes sap flows as early as January or as late as May, but in Minnesota, sap usually runs from about March 15 to April 20.

Of course, the sticky sap that you’re gathering isn’t what you’d want to pour over those pancakes. First, you’ll need to get to a stove. Sap is converted to syrup by boiling, which gets rid of the water and leaves behind the sugar and the flavor.

It usually takes 30-40 gallons of sugar maple sap to produce one gallon of pure maple syrup, so get gathering!

Find a list of all the maple syrup events in Minnesota, as well as syrup-making tips, here.

[H/T Minnesota DNR]

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