J. Carver Distillery debuts bourbon whiskey

Photo courtesy of J. Carver

Photo courtesy of J. Carver

J. Carver Distillery of Waconia announces the release of their first batch of bourbon whiskey. The spirit has a mashbill of 75 percent corn and 25 percent rye, and has been aged Minnesota-coopered oak barrels.

“Not only is this one of the first bourbons made in Minnesota, it has been distilled with grains harvested close to our distillery and aged in barrels coopered in Avon and Park Rapids, Minnesota,” said founding partner Bill Miller, via press release. “This is a truly local Minnesota whiskey.”

J. Carver describes the bourbon as having “the sweetness of corn with a spicy rye finish. While it is crafted for straight sipping, its notes of cinnamon, toffee and oak make it ideal for drinks with bourbon as the central focus.”

This is J. Carver’s second release of aged whiskey, following the rye whiskey that debuted last November. Expect them to release a straight bourbon and wheat whiskey in the years to come.

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