Lagunitas sells 50% of company to Heineken in effort to take their beer worldwide

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Lagunitas Brewing Company announced today it will sell 50% of the company to Heineken in an effort to launch its beer onto the global stage.

Lagunitas founder Tony Magee penned a blog post on the news that’s well worth a read and speaks of the deal as the natural next step in the growth Lagunitas was already experiencing.

“We already had ideas of new flavors and we had ideas about new ways to make more connections with more people,” Magee wrote. “The domestic future was a living thing in our minds. In other words, we were already working out an exciting path of worthy challenges within the 50 states, but there is the whole world to think about too…”

In the post, Magee writes about a meeting of the minds between the two companies that made his decision to move forward with the sale an easier one.

“What grew from these conversations was an opportunity like none other to-date: An open door to a planet filled with beer-lovers and a conduit to meet them in our own way. One beer writer commented to me that he was struggling with the ‘having our cake and eating it too’ quality of this relationship, but that’s exactly what we have achieved. It’s come about because we lucked out and found a space where our desires were in sync with the other’s needs. We wanted what they wanted.”

Magee has been an outspoken critic of big business creeping its way into craft beer and seems to recognize that the move might seem out of character for him and his company.

“Some might say I’ve changed my mind. Well, I have. But the world around us has changed too and if learning leads to new insight, that’s the best kind of change imaginable. The hard part is discovering truly positive change within the possible avenues forward.”

Lagunitas’ first foray into the international market will be Mexico, according to Magee.

Read Magee’s full blog post or the official press release for more info.

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