Meet Wild Turkey Bourbon’s new creative director: Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey, the new creative director for Wild Turkey Bourbon // Photo via Wild Turkey

Matthew McConaughey, the new creative director for Wild Turkey Bourbon // Photo via Wild Turkey

Academy Award–winning actor Matthew McConaughey has explored the far reaches of space in “Interstellar,” plumped the depths of criminal life in “True Detective,” and cruised the nation’s highways as the cryptic spokesperson for Lincoln Motor Company. Now, the actor is taking on a new role as the creative director of Wild Turkey Bourbon.

The Kentucky-based distillery approached McConaughey to be the celebrity spokesperson of its new marketing campaign, but the actor upped the ante. “I really like the idea, but the more I thought about it, I said, ‘Look. I want to be more than just the face in the campaign. I want to have my hands of the clay of how we tell the story. And I want to be a part of the whole story, not just a character in it,'” McConaughey explains in a short film announcing his new role as creative director.

According to a press release, McConaughey will demonstrate “his creative vision in a series of advertising spots, directing and starring in a global campaign slated to begin running in September.” He will serve as the creative director and behind-the-camera director of Wild Turkey’s new television advertising campaign.

“When making a movie, you have two hours to tell a story,” remarked McConaughey. “Here I have 30 seconds to reintroduce the world to this authentic American brand that has helped shape an entire U.S. industry, Bourbon. It will be a very interesting and fun challenge.”

That McConaughey would want to tell Wild Turkey’s story is still astonishing to Master Distiller Jimmy Russell. “After spending time with Matthew at the distillery, I was impressed by how much he knew about Wild Turkey and how interested he was in telling the world more about us,” said Russell. “It is incredible to think that an Oscar winner would want to help tell Wild Turkey’s story, but like an extra scoop of ice cream on pecan pie, I will certainly take it.”

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