Modist Brewing begins canning


Modist Brewing’s first tallboy cans // Photos courtesy of Modist

Modist Brewing Company, your choice for the Best New Brewery of 2016, are releasing their first tallboy cans on the retail market this week.

The two beers Modist chose to package for their first run of cans are favorites at their North Loop taproom: First Call Cold Press Coffee Lager and DREAMYARD American IPA, which was originally released as Deviation 002.


Modist Brewing’s First Call cans // Photos courtesy of Modist

First Call is a light-colored but full-bodied lager brewed with barley and oats, then infused with espresso from local coffee roasters Wesley Andrews.

DREAMYARD is in the vein of the exploding New England-style IPA with a grain bill made up almost entirely of oats and wheat (something Modist can do that most other breweries cannot due to their use of mash filter instead of a traditional mash tun). According to Modist, “The properties of the grain create a fantastic haze that helps to lock in the aromas and flavors from an insane amount of Citra and Denali hops. The end result in incredibly juicy and citrusy treat, with predominant aromas and flavors of pineapple, peach, and passion fruit, and a very approachable level of bitterness.”


Modist Brewing’s DREAMYARD cans // Photos courtesy of Modist

The beers will begin hitting liquor store shelves in four-packs and will be available at a handful of bars and restaurants on Thursday, March 9, including a release party at Pat’s Tap from 5-10pm. You can see the full list of locations at the bottom of this page.

The beers’ labels will stand out on shelves thanks to designs from Mike Davis and Wes Winship, co-owners of Minneapolis print and design shop Burlesque of North America. You can read more about the ideas behind the designs on Modist’s blog post announcing the can release.

While Modist Crowlers have been available at retail locations since not too long after the brewery’s launch, these are their first traditional cans. Expect to see more of Modist’s beers released in cans in the not too distant future.

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