New book of unpublished F. Scott Fitzgerald stories coming in April 2017

F. Scott Fitzgerald circa 1921

F. Scott Fitzgerald circa 1921

Fans of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the St. Paul–born author of “The Great Gatsby” and “Tender is the Night,” are in luck: A new collection of the author’s finished yet unpublished stories is slated for release in April of 2017.

Widely considered one of the most important writers of the 20th century, Fitzgerald was not just a novelist but a prolific author of short stories, which appeared in “The Saturday Evening Post” and “Esquire,” among other publications.

However, not all of his stories made it to publication. According to Scribner, “Some of these stories were submitted to major magazines and accepted for publication during Fitzgerald’s lifetime but were never printed. Others are stories that could not be sold because their subject matter or style departed from what editors expected of Fitzgerald in the 1930s.” Rather than allowing his editors to alter these stories, Fitzgerald decided to leave them unpublished even at a time when his family needed the money.

“I’d Die For You” is a collection of the last finished but unpublished stories from F. Scott Fitzgerald. Most of the stories, including the collection’s title story, were written in the mid- to late-1930s, a period when Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda’s health was declining. “I’d Die For You,” edited by Anne Margaret Daniel, is “a revealing, intimate look at Fitzgerald’s creative process that shows him to be a writer working at the fore of modern literature—in all its developing complexities,” Scribner writes in a preview.

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