New Booze: BĒT Vodka, crafted from Minnesota sugar beets

Bet Vodka

Photo by Joseph Alton // Growler Magazine

Minnesota is the number one sugar beet-producing state in the country. It should follow that we would be distilling some of that bounty into booze.

BĒT Vodka (pronounced “beet”) is Minnesota’s first vodka distilled from 100% sugar beets (L’etoile Vodka from Du Nord Craft Spirits is distilled from a mix of sugar beets and corn). It’s the brainchild of Beet Spirits, a startup by entrepreneurs Ben Brueshoff and Jerad Poling, who received a grant from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to research and craft the spirit.

The beets are sourced from a cooperative in northern Minnesota, and the spirit is distilled at 45th Parallel in New Richmond, Wisconsin. It’s available now at select Metro-area retailers.

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