New Holland Brewing rolls out new packaging designs

The new packaging for Dragon's Milk // Photo courtesy of New Holland

The new packaging for Dragon’s Milk // Photo courtesy of New Holland

The Holland, Michigan, makers of Dragon’s Milk Bourbon Barrel Stout and Mad Hatter Midwest IPA are rolling out updated packaging designs across their full lineup of beers beginning in March.

New Holland Brewing Company announced the redesign on Wednesday, which is built around their brand’s existing colors and characters with an eye toward improving their presence on shelves and the readability of their packaging.


The new packaging for White Hatter // Photo courtesy of New Holland

“Craft beer is growing. We are growing. With nearly 20 years in the industry, to stand out on the shelf and reinforce our brand is paramount,” Joel Petersen, New Holland’s vice president of marketing said in a press release. “We’ve incorporated many key elements in the new design that should help us achieve this goal and create a New Holland beacon. Walking around Great American Beer Fest last year and immediately recognizing our New Holland orange tent made me realize we need to do more to own our brand color in the market; this packaging brings that to life.”

The first beers in new packaging—White Hatter and Dragon’s Milk—will hit shelves in March. The rest of the lineup will follow and be completed by the end of the summer. See below for a look at all of the new designs (click for full-size image).


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