Milkweed Books coming soon to downtown Minneapolis

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Inside Open Book, which houses the Loft Literary Center, Coffee Gallery cafe, Milkweed Editions, and, soon, Milkweed Books // Photos by Obie Holmen for The Liberal Spirit

Milkweed Editions is opening a bookstore, Milkweed Books, in the Open Book building complex in downtown Minneapolis in late June, reports Publishers Weekly.

The retail space is still being built out for the 700 to 750-square-foot bookstore, which will be located on the ground floor of the three-story complex, adjacent to the Coffee Gallery café.

“We want this space to feel equal parts bookstore and art gallery,” said Daniel Slager, the literary nonprofit press’ publisher and CEO, noting the author that events already take place in Open Book’s second-floor Target Performance Hall. He also anticipates that the bookstore will partner with Minnesota Center for Book Arts, located on the other side of Coffee Gallery’s seating area from the bookstore, and provide letterpress printing services.

The store’s inventory will be closely curated with “an Indie press’ sensibility.” Slager’s goals for the store are to be financially viable, to engage with the local community in a more explicit way, and to make the 32-year-old press a better publisher.

“We’re trying to reinvent what it means to be a publisher,” Slager said. “This is one part of that.”

[h/t Publishers Weekly]

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