New renderings of proposed Finnegans Hotel Brewery

Department of Community Planning and Economic Development

The City of Minneapolis expressed a favorable opinion of the proposed Kraus-Anderson headquarters and Finnegans Hotel Brewery complex redevelopment plan. According to a report in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal:

The conceptual design includes a five-story Kraus-Anderson office building to replace the contractor and developer’s 41-year-old, two-story headquarters on the site.

The block proposal also includes a 17-story residential building with 306 units; a seven-story, 148-room boutique hotel with a restaurant and bar; and a three-story brewery for Minneapolis-based Finnegans Inc. with an event center and collaborative office space.

The collaborative office space, or “Finnovation Lab,” will have a special focus of drawing entrepreneurs and innovators who are working to build revenue-generating, sustainable business models that create living wage jobs in the community and provide positive social impact.

In a memorandum to the City Planning Commission, Senior City Planner Becca Farrar-Hughes called the updated plan “significantly improved from the past proposals for the site and […] largely consistent with many adopted City policies”

Renderings of the complex were published in the memorandum showing the preliminary designs of the Kraus-Anderson HQ (designed by Pope Associates) and the Finnegans Hotel Brewery (Elness Swenson Graham Architects).

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