New walking tour unveils Duluth’s dark history

Duluth, Minnesota // Photo by Brian Kaufenberg

Duluth, Minnesota // Photo by Brian Kaufenberg

These days Duluth, Minnesota, is thought of as a thriving tourist destination on the shores of Lake Superior, but the industrial town has a darker history than most Minnesotans may know.

Shipwrecks, pirates, red light districts, and gun fights may sound like tall tales, but they in fact true stories from Duluth’s past. The Duluth Experience, a locally owned and operated tour and events company, is launching a new walking tour that takes guests to some of the more haunting and curious sites in Canal Park and downtown Duluth.

The concept came after the tour company launched its Dark History Bus Tour in October of 2015 and found that there was a huge interest in the lesser-known stories of Duluth’s sorted past.

“Once we started digging into the darker side of Duluth’s history,” explains Duluth Experience CEO Dave Grandmaison, “we discovered a lot of creepy stories, legends, and tragic events that made for great storytelling.”

Duluth’s Dark History Walking Tours are happening every Friday and Saturday night during the months of July and August from 8:00pm to 10:00pm.

“This isn’t a hokey, haunted-house tour with folks dressed up like goblins and ghouls trying to scare you” he adds. “Duluth’s dark history is creepy enough on its own.”

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