North Loop BrewCo officially moves to the North Loop

North Loop BrewCo's beer is being made at Minneapolis' Inbound BrewCo // Photo by Aaron Davidson

North Loop BrewCo’s beer is being made at Minneapolis’ Inbound BrewCo // Photo by Aaron Davidson

The North Loop BrewCo alternating proprietorship has sailed out of Minnetonka. North Loop, formerly Lucid Brewing, has officially left their Minnetonka building where production and bottling took place from 2011–2016, prior to the opening of Inbound BrewCo this April. The building was part of an alternating proprietorship model where North Loop, Pryes Brewing Company, and Blackeye Roasting Co. were equal owners of the facility.

With the lease officially complete as of June 1, all North Loop beer is now made at Inbound’s brewery in Minneapolis, as are American Sky beers and, pending state and federal approval, Pryes. In the meantime, says North Loop’s Jon Messier, “Blackeye and Pryes were brewed heavily before we left” to help compensate for the downtime between brew schedules.

Blackeye is moving into their own facility in St. Louis Park and is no longer in partnership with North Loop and Pryes. Badger Hill Brewing and Bad Weather Brewing are also former partners in the alternating proprietorship, who have since opened their own operations.

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