Online community and marketplace for craft spirits launches

Craft Spirits Exchange

Craft spirits fans have a new online home to find and purchase bottles of craft spirits from around the world.

Craft Spirits Exchange launched its online marketplace and community forums today with a mission to “connect enthusiasts and novices alike with a broad selection of amazing spirits, and provide exclusive access to rare and limited release products from around the world. Through member reviews and tasting notes, fans can glean suggestions and opinions about spirits, cocktails, trends, events and more.”

The spirits that are available on the online marketplace are sourced through a select group of retail partners that deal heavily in craft spirits.

According to the founders, CSX is designed as a complete online experience for both craft spirits enthusiasts and novices. Members of the website can search for, purchase and review spirits from their desktop and mobile handheld devices. The platform consists of:

  • The CSX Community: With a focus on integrating content and community, CSX connects users with the best original and curated content, cocktail recipes, local and regional events, and an interactive platform to share their reviews and tasting notes. With more than 1,100 individual spirits profiled on the site, CSX encourages users to discover new favorites and share their experiences with other members.
  • The CSX Marketplace: Craft Spirits Exchange works with the country’s best spirits retailers to provide a single online destination for a broad selection of quality spirits. With a growing number of retail partners located across the country, the CSX marketplace is able to offer premium, limited-release expressions and regionally distributed hidden gems from the world’s best producers.

Visit Craft Spirits Exchange for more information about the company.

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