Samuel Adams to release nitro beers in 2016

Photo via Fortune

Photo via Fortune

Fortune brought back a nice report from the GABF—Boston Beer Company founder Jim Koch announced that Samuel Adams will release three nitro beers in 2016. A nitrogen-infused white ale, IPA, and coffee stout will be available on tap as well as in ‘widget’ cans, much like those sold by the world’s most popular nitro brew, Guinness Extra Stout.

“You can’t just take the beer that’s meant to be carbonated and take it over to nitro and say ‘I like this’,” Koch says. “You really have to rebrew it in this parallel universe without the carbonic acid, without the tongue sting, without the aroma release, without the pH. You’re changing a bunch of things. So you really have to make a beer that’s optimized.”

Expect to get your first taste of Sam Adams Nitro in February.

[H/T Fortune]

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