Sierra Nevada collaborates with Mahrs Bräu for 2016 Oktoberfest


Germans know their beer—especially when it comes to the Oktoberfest style.

So it made sense last year when Sierra Nevada announced it would collaborate with a different German brewer each year on a special Oktoberfest beer to explore the history and the various interpretations of the style.

For 2016, Sierra Nevada is working alongside Mahrs Bräu, a family-owned brewery in Bamberg, Germany, founded in 1670. Last fall, Sierra Nevada’s owners, Ken Grossman and Brian Grossman, traveled to Upper Franconia, a Northern Bavarian region in Germany, to meet with the brewers and found plenty of common ground with the Mahrs Bräu team.

“We’re excited to be working together with Mahrs Bräu,” said Ken Grossman, “We have so much in common with them in the way we approach brewing, and the way we run our businesses. We’re both independent, family-owned breweries with a respect for tradition, yet we’re not handcuffed by it. We’re not afraid to innovate and to change things up. We both care deeply about the environment, and work to make our respective beers with a mindful eye on how that impacts the world around us.”

The beer will be a traditional festival lager featuring the nearly forgotten “Record” hop varietal and lean heavily on the rich and layered malt complexity found in the best authentic festival beers. The Sierra Nevada and Mahrs Bräu collaboration Oktoberfest will hit retail shelves in August.

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