Sorry, cat lovers, the Internet Cat Video Festival is going to live on a farm

The 2014 Internet Cat Video Festival, held at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand // Photo by Ellen Burkhardt

The 2014 Internet Cat Video Festival, held at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand, drew over 10,000 fans

The Walker Art Center just announced it’s ending the wildly popular Internet Cat Video Festival so it can concentrate on the expansion of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, reports Minnesota Public Radio.

The festival began in 2012 as an experiment to see if Internet communities such as cat video fans could be converted into physical communities through live events. And with tens of thousands of people attending the festivals since, the experiment was a success, said Walker Design Director Emmett Byrne.

“And we had understood sort of the phenomenon of turning these online memes into actual physical programs and so we felt like it was OK to let it go and encourage people to create their own versions of the project as well,” he said.

A collection of artifacts from the events will go to the Minnesota Historical Society. The Walker says it hopes fans will feel an urge to copycat the festival and create their own events.


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