Summit releases new Union Series beer—Old Blaggard Barleywine

Summit Brewing Old Blaggard // Photo by Brian Kaufenberg

Summit Brewing Old Blaggard // Photo by Brian Kaufenberg

Summit Brewing announced the release of the newest beer in the brewery’s Union Series: Old Blaggard Barleywine.

Befitting the Union Series, Summit Head Brewer Damian McConn crafted the 10.1% ABV English-style barleywine from new varieties of malted barley and hops. Odyssey pale malt from Simpson’s Malting Company and the Endeavor hop, a new low-trellis hop developed by the Charles Faram research program based in the British midlands, were used in Old Blaggard.

After aging for six months at the brewery, Summit packaged the barleywine in kegs for bars and restaurants, and 12-ounce bottles for retail shops. Old Blaggard is a very limited release and will be available in the second week of November.

“You may be wondering about the origin of the name,” says Head Brewer Damian McConn. “In reference to the aging requirements necessary for these stronger beers, many British brewers would include “Old” somewhere in the title. For example, ‘Old Tom’, referring to the brewery cat or ‘Old Nick’ referring to the Devil himself. In rural parts of Ireland and England, a blaggard was simply a ne’er-do-well and the term aptly denotes the hooligan nature of the brewer involved.”

Summit’s limited release Union Series is the inspired union of new ingredients and time-honored brewing traditions. The focus is on brewing with new raw materials and ingredients, exploring the latest malts and hops in the industry, married with traditional brewing practices and recipes.

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