Surly Brewing’s 2016 featured artist contest closes February 17

Surly Featured Artist Contest

Surly Featured Artist Contest

Are you an artist? Do you love beer? Then Surly Brewing has the job for you.

Surly is choosing a new local artist to work with in 2016 as a part of their annual featured artist contest. The contest has been open since February 5 and still accepting applications until February 17.

The chosen artist will have the chance to create the artwork for SurlyFest 2016, Darkness 2016, and Surly’s 11th anniversary beer in 2017. The art will be featured on bottles, posters, and merchandise. The new artist will join an impressive list of artists who have created posters and labels for Surly past beers, including Brandon Holt, Erica Williams, Josh “Jawsh” Lemke, Brent Schoonover, Michael Berglund, Aesthetic Apparatus, DWITT, Nic Skrade, and Adam Turman.

From Surly’s website:

Think you’ve got what it takes? We’re not asking you to make something for free, just so it’s clear. This is a paid gig (with free beer). So we need to see portfolios folks, and we’re looking for you to show us how Surly you are—why would your art represent Surly Nation? How is what you do connected to our beer? […] If you are interested, like Surly beer, and don’t suck at art, send some info about yourself, your connection with Surly and examples of your previous work (links to your portfolio, etc.) to [email protected] by Wednesday, February 17. We’ll check out your stuff, discuss with previous Surly artists and either let you know you’re a finalist, or crush your hopes with rejection. If you sent artwork last year, you can send it again.

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