Surly to mark Inauguration Day with ‘Thanks Obama’ Winter Rye IPA

thanks obama rye ipa

Surly Brewing Company is marking Inauguration Day this Friday, Jan. 20, with an ode to our outgoing president: Thanks Obama! Winter Rye IPA.

Thanks Obama! // Photo courtesy of Surly Brewing

Surly says, “It’s a meme. It’s a beer. It’s a meme and a beer.” Whatever it is, it carries “a complex, spicy malt character with candied grape and vanilla cream hop aromas. Add a little honey and malt sweetness to round it out, and there you go.”

Thanks Obama! is brewed with Warrior and Experimental 06297 hops, a malt bill made up of 2-row, honey malt, flaked rye, and more, and fermented with an English ale yeast. It will be available exclusively at the Surly Beer Hall starting Friday.

In their blog post announcing the beer, Surly made a simple request: “Beer is one of the few bipartisan things left in this country, so please don’t yell at us about the name on the internet, even though we know you’re going to anyway.”

And they were right. Exhibit A: the comments on their Facebook post announcing the beer, some of which are highly entertaining and deserving of a genuine “Thanks, Obama!”

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