SW Craft Bar ups its beer game with cask selections

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SW Craft Bar has 25 craft beers on tap, and, starting May 6, will also offer cask beer // Photo via SW Craft Bar Facebook

SW Craft Bar (formerly Señor Wong) underwent a major rebrand late last year, to reflect the restaurant’s increasing focus on craft beer, cocktails, and exotic dishes. Today, they announced another element of their new identity: the addition of cask beer to their 25 craft beer tap lines.

“We are really looking forward to showcasing cask beer,” Son Truong, owner of SW Craft Bar, said in a press release. “Having a cask system will allow us to be even more diverse in our craft beer offerings.”

Cask ale is nothing new in the large scope of things. In fact, all beer was served via cask before the industrialization of beer and aluminum kegs. But for a long time, it fell out of favor due to the new technology and opportunities. That’s beginning to change. Today, many craft brewers are making cask beer, both as a nod to tradition and because it allows them to be more creative.

Cask beer is often made in small batches and with special ingredients like fruit, sugar, spices, or additional hops. SW Craft Bar will begin showcasing that variety starting today, May 6, when they tap their first cask: Summit Brewing’s Sága IPA with an extra addition of Amarillo hops.

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