Tap into brewing knowledge with Modist Brewing’s ‘Beer Smarts’ series

“Beer Smarts” will run on Monday nights from November 21 to January 2 // Photo via Modist Brewing’s website

Barley + water + hops + yeast = beer.

Seems simple, right? Well, there’s more to beer than just that. Through a series of events, Modist Brewing is putting on a six-week education program starting November 21.

Held in the North Loop brewery’s taproom, the one-hour “Beer Smarts” sessions will focus on a specific area related to the brewing process. Not only that, but there will also be guest speakers, glimpses at brewing equipment, and beer samples to top it all off.

Paige (Latham) Didora, Modist’s education specialist, will lead the six beer classes. Paige, a contributor at Heavy Table, has participated in national conferences, beer judging events, and founded the blog Alcohol by Volume. Each class will be held on Monday nights, when the taproom is closed to the public. Attending guests will be able to come for a social hour, learn about the thematic lesson for the evening, and then imbibe in another social hour.

Tickets are $50 for all six courses. The curriculum and schedule of events include:

Monday, November 21: A Malty History
-A focus on malted grain and milling

Monday, November 28: Just Add Water
-A focus on water and water quality

Monday, December 5: Boil it, Hop it, Spin it, Cool it
-A focus on the brewing process—from mash to boil to whirlpool—and a conversation on hops and other additives

Monday, December 12: Magic!
-A focus on yeast and the impact on flavors and aromas

Monday, December 19: Good Beer Gone Bad
-A focus on off-flavors and the significance of proper packaging and storage

Monday, January 2: Evaluating Beer and Pairing it with Food
-A focus on evaluating beer and the basics of food and beer pairings

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