The Commodore to Reopen October 27 after 30-Year Hiatus


News from the Everything Old Is New Again file: the Commodore Bar and Restaurant will reopen to the public on October 27, after having operated as a private events space since 1984. The Jazz Age hotspot at 79 Western Avenue in Cathedral Hill will feature regional spirits (defined as “one that is within an overnight’s drive of the Twin Cities”) at the heart of its bar program.

A few highlights from the press releases:

  • “The bar has been faithfully restored to its chic, art deco elegance just as it was when it first opened in the 1930s.”
  • “The bar, under the direction of bar manager Christa Robinson, will feature a robust cocktail menu, many of them variations of classic concoctions from the golden age of cocktail culture – the 1920s to the 1960s, roughly speaking.”
  • “The Commodore dinner menu also draws on classical influences, including variations on dishes popular in its early heydays of the 1920s and ‘30s.”

The Growler will bring you more on the Commodore as opening day approaches.

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