The Growler takes on Lowertown’s new Escape MSP

Escape MSP in St. Paul is located above Dark Horse Bar & Eatery  // Photo by Kevin Kramer, The Growler

Local investigators have brought in Miss Amanda Treedeath for questioning on suspicion of murder. (Gasp!) It’s up to you and your team to help with the investigation. But here’s the kicker: You only have 60 minutes.

As we previously mentioned, The Growler crew turned into sneaky sleuths for a day as we visited Escape MSP, Lowertown St. Paul’s new interactive puzzle space.

We came.

We saw.

We, however, did not conquer.

Was this a clue? // Photo by Kevin Kramer, The Growler

During a frantic and ultimately futile 60 minutes, our crew scrambled from room to room, pouring over mundane items (“Hey, is this a clue?” No, that’s a plastic tomato.) until we found the patterns that would unlock the next challenge. Egos bruised from our eventual defeat, Evan Flolid, Escape MSP’s branch manager at the St. Paul location lifted our spirits. “I would say The Growler editorial team did an above average job working through the mission,” Flolid told us. “Your group did a lot of things without out any assistance or clues which is exactly what we like to see and is a sign of a quality group.”

At the end of the day, that’s what the experience was really about. We didn’t successfully solve the “Investigation of a Miss Treedeath,” but we did bond and build morale through working together (and have fun while doing it). Besides, we can always go back to Lowertown and take our chances solving the challenge of “The Raid on Mr. Croft’s Museum.” Or even trek over to Minneapolis, where Escape MSP has a total of four missions. Game on.

“The great thing about escape rooms are that they take people out of their comfort zone and thrust them into a fully themed mission where groups need to work as a team and communicate well,” said Flolid. “The missions are great for a team building activity because they promote working together towards a common goal as well as problem solving skills in a fun themed environment.”

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Photos by Kevin Kramer, The Growler

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