The Lone Grazer Creamery is closing

Reuben (right) of Lone Grazer Creamery // Photo by Daniel Murphy

Lone Grazer cheesemaker and co-founder Rueben Nilsson (right) // Photo by Daniel Murphy

The Lone Grazer Creamery, which opened in the Northeast Minneapolis Food Building in 2015, announced today that it is closing.

In a letter posted on The Lone Grazer’s website, Food Building owner Kieran Folliard said, “After two and a half years of laboring, building a plant, and fostering positive relationships with farmers, vendors, customers, and employees, we find that our business model is not working.” The letter goes on to state that Folliard has yet to determine what’s next for the space that The Lone Grazer occupied inside the Food Building.

The Lone Grazer was best known for their string cheese and cheese curds, which were sold at retail locations and farmers markets around the Twin Cities.

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