Twin Cities the first U.S. host of the Winter Cycling Congress

winter biking

As of last year, Minneapolis had 129 miles of on-street bikeways and 97 miles of off-street bikeways. St. Paul had 170 miles of bicycle infrastructure. // iStock photo

The Twin Cities will play host to an international gathering on winter bicycling Feb. 2–4, reports MPR News.

The Winter Cycling Congress is expected to draw hundreds of engineers, policy makers, and bicycling enthusiasts to Minneapolis and St. Paul starting on Tuesday. This is the first time the annual gathering has been held in the United States.

Dozens of speakers will share their experiences from their own communities during the conference, with experts appearing from as far away as Finland.

There will also be discussions about newer technologies like fat bikes, street design, and maintaining bike infrastructure in a cold and icy climate like Minnesota’s.

The Winter Cycling Congress will take place from February 2–4 and will be based out of The Commons Hotel in Minneapolis.

[H/T MPR News]

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