Unmapped Brewing is on the map with Minnetonka lease signing

Unmapped Brewing is moving into the Kraemer's True Value Hardware store in Minnetonka // via the City of Minnetonka

Unmapped Brewing is moving into the Kraemer’s True Value Hardware store in Minnetonka // via the City of Minnetonka

Unmapped Brewing is putting a pin on the beer map in Minnetonka. The brewery recently signed a lease at the intersection of Excelsior Boulevard and Eden Prairie Road and is anticipating a spring 2017 opening day.

Founded by husband-wife team of JD and Megan Park, the brewery will focus on Belgian-influenced beers with an emphasis on American hops, says JD, the co-founder/president/and executive officer of the company. JD has been homebrewing for five years and recently completed courses at Master Brewers Association of the Americas. At the brewery, he’s planning to let his tastes influence the process, but will defer of head brewer to an experienced and still-to-be-hired veteran.

“My role on the brewing side of things will be that of a creative director—and of course helping out wherever I can on brew days,” he explains.

It’s still a long road to opening, but Unmapped aims to start with a witbier, saison, tripel, and quadrupel, plus more American craft styles. The brewery is located in a former hardware store that’s been in the Kraemer family for over 100 years.

“The current owner of the hardware store has decided to retire, and he has given us his full support,” says JD. “We are excited and proud to carry on a 100-year-old tradition of there being a community-focused business owned by actual members of the community.”

The couple are Minnetonka residents, with Megan being born and raised in the community. “I think it is really neat that our six-month-old daughter Amelie will someday attend the same elementary school as her mother and grandmother did,” he says.

Unmapped will focus effort on the taproom and keg accounts upon first opening, perhaps selling a few 750-milliliter bottles in-house and at local stores, he says.

Stay tuned for more information on Unmapped Brewing.

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