Vikre Distillery to Release First Whiskey November 20

Label art courtesy of Vikre Distillery

Label art courtesy of Vikre Distillery

Vikre Distillery has announced that their Sugarbush Whiskey will debut on November 20 in select liquor stores as well as their Canal Park headquarters.

Sugarbush is Vikre’s first whiskey, made from 60% flaked corn, 25% barley and 15% rye. Those ingredients suggest a bourbon, but a maple-inflected aging process makes it wholly unique:

“It’s shorter aged than a standard bourbon, but it is also not spending any time in a new oak cask,” explains Emily Vikre. “All of the barrels it’s been in are used barrels. First used port casks, with soft maple wood staves added for a portion of that time, and then in used bourbon casks, that we also used for aging some maple syrup from a friend of ours.”

Watch Emily Vikre introduce Sugarbush:

And here’s Bent Paddle Brewing Company’s Colin Mullen on the process of creating the distiller’s beer for Sugarbush:

Vikre is now in the process of installing their own brewing equipment, to finally bring their entire process in-house.

Follow along on Vikre’s blog between now and November 20 for all the Sugarbush details. Further down the line, Vikre will release two different versions of rye whiskey, followed by a traditional bourbon and single malt.

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