What wine lovers really want


The 2015 Gallo Consumer Wine Trends Survey uncovered many things about wine drinkers in America:

  • 35% consider themselves to be “wine adventurers.” (25% chose “novice,” 20% “traditionalist,” 11% “brand loyalist,” 3% “imposter,” 3% “snob,” and 3% “other.”)
  • 85% of frequent wine drinkers believe wine is appropriate for both casual and formal settings.
  • 95% would try something new if recommended by a friend, family member or coworker.
  • 54% are open to using boxed wine as their go-to style at home.

All that is to say that wine drinkers in America are getting more adventurous and want portable packaging options to take with them. Whether that’s 187ml bottles, Tetra Paks, cans, or boxes, just putting red, white, and rose wine in a pretty bottle isn’t cutting it anymore.

[H/T Gallo Wine Trends]

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