Woman breaks Appalachian Trail record by 4 days

KUOW.org reports that a Seattle-area woman has set a new speed record for an unsupported hike along the Appalachian Trail: 54 days, 7 hours, 48 minutes.

The station broke down Heather Anderson’s feat like this:

  • That’s more than 40 miles per day on a mountainous 2,189-mile trail that soars to nearly 6,500 feet elevation.
  • She knocked more than four days off the previous record for an unsupported hike of the trail, set by Mark Kirk in 2013.
  • That’s three times faster than the average hike along the trail.

Others have hiked the distance faster, but only with support teams to bring food and water and gear if needed. Anderson, trail name “Anish,” did it completely alone, carrying her own gear and leaving the trail to get more supplies. She did the same thing when she set the record for an unsupported hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013.

Anish says she accomplished the hike in such a short time by waking up at 4am, being on the trail by 4:30am, and hiking without a break until 10-11pm every day.

Read more and hear her story at KUOW.org

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