Minneapolis Mayoral Candidates

And Where They Stand on Beer

By Jeremy Zoss
Photos by Karen Boros, MinnPost

The Minneapolis beer scene has had its share of ardent supporters, including outspoken beer cheerleader Mayor R.T. Rybak. As mayor, Rybak has been supportive of the changes in local beer ordinances and has been spotted at every taproom in the city. After three terms in office, Rybak has decided not to run again. So far, six major candidates have announced intentions to run for the office. (A seventh, Jim Thomas, is running on the single issue of education.) The Growler spoke to the six leading candidates about their thoughts on the local beer community and related issues. What follows are excerpts from those conversations.

MarkAndrew Courtesy of Karen Boros

Mark Andrew

Occupation: Founder and Manager, GreenMark
Party: DFL

Growler: What are your thoughts on the beer-related ordinance changes of the past few years?

MA: I love our new emerging economy of entrepreneurs and artists—
all of whom are solidifying Minneapolis as a craft beer powerhouse. As mayor I will do everything in my power to ensure Minneapolis continues to cultivate its brewing culture, and position Minneapolis as one of the world’s most prominent brewpub powerhouses.

G: What do you think will be the next beer-related issues to arise in Minneapolis? Where will you stand on them?

MA: I think we are going to have to continue to look at ordinance issues regarding local brewpubs, along with how they are impacting our neighborhoods. I welcome the opportunity to have these conversations in neighborhoods. I genuinely believe civic engagement at this fundamental level is essential to eliminating any outstanding barriers to entrepreneurial success in this capacity. Through efforts of this variety I know that Minneapolis will garner even greater recognition for its craft beer scene.

G: Do you support Sunday sales?

MA: I support loosening regulations that help entrepreneurs and local brewpubs. I also want to make sure we are respecting the small business owners and their ability to have a well-earned day off. As mayor I won’t be able to affect the outcome of this legislation.

G: What are some of your favorite local beers?

MA: I don’t drink anymore, but I polled our campaign staff—one that, keep in mind, is comprised of a far-ranging assortment of people from all across Minneapolis. Consistently, it’s fair to say that Fulton’s Lonely Blonde and Sweet Child of Vine, along with Surly’s Furious and Darkness are the top contenders. Additionally, the responses put forth for Indeed Brewery and Dangerous Man merit an honorable mention! We recently opened our campaign office roughly three blocks from Northbound Brewpub. That being the case, I have a pretty good lead on where I might find my campaign team if they’re missing from the office.

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  1. buenowayno says

    Three out of Four… not bad.
    Right on – Cam, Gary, and Don, the three Mayoral candidates who actually had the honesty and cajones to speak their mind about Sunday sales – “I think some of those restrictions are based on the values of another day.” – Don.
    Are you kidding me Jackie?? While the mayor does not have the political pay grade to create and implement that legislation, do you other three candidates really need to pander to outdated conservative righteousness, and the special interests of big alcohol? At least Jackie was willing to put her stance out there; assuming she’s not pandering to her older conservative/religious constituents. “People should be at home with their families”… really? What about everybody else in the state that works on Sundays? Are they not worthy of family time?
    Wayne Roemhildt, Minneapolis

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