Minneapolis Mayoral Candidates

JackieCherryhomes Courtesy of Karen Boros

Jackie Cherryhomes

Occupation: President, Cherryhomes-Tyler, Inc.
Party: DFL

Growler: In your time on the City Council, did any beer-related issues come up?

JC: The beer-related issues largely came up after I left. I left office in about 2002. Really, the state beer laws changed in 2005, I believe. It took the City Council more than five years to do anything about it.

My relationship to beer has largely been working with small businesses like the Broadway Liquor Outlet, both as chair of the West Broadway Business Association and as a consultant. So I have some knowledge of what goes on in that industry, but I was not on the council when those issues came before it.

G: What issues did you work with those businesses on?

JC: With the Broadway Liquor Outlet, I helped them establish their temporary location that they’re currently in after the tornado blew them up and allowed them to stay in business while they pursue development on property they own across the street. They’re a perfect example of a small business wanting to stay in Minneapolis, but rules and regulations around helping them were really complicated.

G: Let’s get your thoughts on state-level beer issues.

JC: Currently at the capitol there’s a move to establish a malt liquor educator license, and pursuing that would really put Minneapolis on the map as a destination where brewers learn their craft, as well as a destination for beer tourists. I think that would take things to another level.

G: Do you support Sunday sales?

JC: I do not support Sunday sales. I believe that Sunday is for hanging out with your family and enjoying life. That’s my own personal feeling.

G: Are you a craft beer fan yourself?

JC: I am somewhat of a beer fan. I’ll admit that I’m more of a wine fan. I like the Czech Pilsner brewed by Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery. I tasted a number of beers at the Hotdish Revolution. There was one by Barley John’s that I really liked a lot, but I didn’t get all the names.

G: Technically, the Hotdish Revolution is in New Brighton, but we’ll let that go.

JC: They’re in the region! You can get past that boundary.

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  1. buenowayno says

    Three out of Four… not bad.
    Right on – Cam, Gary, and Don, the three Mayoral candidates who actually had the honesty and cajones to speak their mind about Sunday sales – “I think some of those restrictions are based on the values of another day.” – Don.
    Are you kidding me Jackie?? While the mayor does not have the political pay grade to create and implement that legislation, do you other three candidates really need to pander to outdated conservative righteousness, and the special interests of big alcohol? At least Jackie was willing to put her stance out there; assuming she’s not pandering to her older conservative/religious constituents. “People should be at home with their families”… really? What about everybody else in the state that works on Sundays? Are they not worthy of family time?
    Wayne Roemhildt, Minneapolis

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