Minneapolis Mayoral Candidates

DonSamuels Courtesy of Karen Boros

Don Samuels

Occupation: Minneapolis City Councilmember
Party: DFL

Growler: What involvement have you had in the beer ordinance changes so far?

DS: Not much. In terms of the crafting and the drafting, not much. I voted in support of them. I’m on board.

G: Would you support Sunday sales?

DS: I would. I think some of those restrictions are based on the values of another day.

G: Where can the local craft brewing industry go from here?

DS: I think it’s one of those high-potential industries. The competition could become fierce, and competition drives creativity. So we’re going to have a very high likelihood of creating some outstanding products in the next few years. And we’re talking about local economy and jobs, and it would be to the benefit of any mayor or civic-minded Minneapolitan to promote, consume, encourage this industry.

One of the things I’ve been talking about with a few employers is it would be great if we could get some brewers together to come up with a syllabus and job descriptions and some understanding for what the demand is for labor in that area so we can project out what training might be required for skills training or even a two-year college degree program. That way we can have a ready, highly-trained supply of labor for these brewing companies. If they all got together and had this source to turn to, I think that could be a great thing.

Picture this: The new mayor of Minneapolis has a celebration. And he has beer and sampling table as part of his celebration. If that was Miller and the other big beers, they’d say he’s just a lush. But if it’s Fulton and the other local brews, then he’s a patriot. There’s many ways for the mayor to be involved in this industry without seeming like a drunk or a shill for big corporations.

G: Any favorite local beers?

DS: I won’t get into that one! Someone’s going to get mad at me. I do, I drink it every chance I get, but I won’t tell you what it is.

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  1. buenowayno says

    Three out of Four… not bad.
    Right on – Cam, Gary, and Don, the three Mayoral candidates who actually had the honesty and cajones to speak their mind about Sunday sales – “I think some of those restrictions are based on the values of another day.” – Don.
    Are you kidding me Jackie?? While the mayor does not have the political pay grade to create and implement that legislation, do you other three candidates really need to pander to outdated conservative righteousness, and the special interests of big alcohol? At least Jackie was willing to put her stance out there; assuming she’s not pandering to her older conservative/religious constituents. “People should be at home with their families”… really? What about everybody else in the state that works on Sundays? Are they not worthy of family time?
    Wayne Roemhildt, Minneapolis

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