Minneapolis Mayoral Candidates

CamWinton Courtesy of Karen Boros

Cam Winton

Occupation: Senior Counsel, Duke Energy Corp.
Party: Independent

Growler: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

CW: I grew up Natty Ice, then I switched to Yuengling. Just kidding. I married a woman from Minneapolis, so guess where I ended up? I’ve made Minneapolis my home since 2006 and in my professional life, my colleagues and I built a wind turbine maintenance company. Sold that company to Duke Energy and now I work for them. Married, two little kids, and I live in the Fulton neighborhood.

G: How would your private industry experience help an industry like craft brewing?

CW: First, let me give credit where it’s due. Gary Schiff has done a lot of great work to make it easier for local breweries to start. I tip my hat to him for the work he’s done. That said, there’s more we can do. Specifically, I think, by changing the city’s regulatory process, we can make it easier for others to come in and meet their own dreams of starting a craft brewery. Or stores like The Four Firkins. It would be great to see stores like that come to neighborhoods in Minneapolis that don’t have them.

G: Any beer-specific issues that you think need to be addressed?

CW: I’d like to see Sunday sales. That’s not a Minneapolis-specific issue, but I think the mayor of Minneapolis has a pretty remarkable bully pulpit from which to advocate, and that’s one of the things I’d advocate for.

G: What are some of your local favorites?

CW: 612Brew, I really enjoyed that. I live in the Fulton neighborhood, and so I’m a little partial to Fulton. There’s plenty of great beer out there, but it’s always cool to see my neighborhood represented.

I grew up outside Philadelphia. The beer there that I grew up on was Yuengling. That and Rolling Rock. Now people can have a vigorous debate about how good those beers are, but as far as having a heritage of brewing, both of those have a long heritage of brewing. Those were my go-to beers back in the day.

I respect a proud brewing heritage and it’s cool to see Minneapolis brewing our own heritage now.

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  1. buenowayno says

    Three out of Four… not bad.
    Right on – Cam, Gary, and Don, the three Mayoral candidates who actually had the honesty and cajones to speak their mind about Sunday sales – “I think some of those restrictions are based on the values of another day.” – Don.
    Are you kidding me Jackie?? While the mayor does not have the political pay grade to create and implement that legislation, do you other three candidates really need to pander to outdated conservative righteousness, and the special interests of big alcohol? At least Jackie was willing to put her stance out there; assuming she’s not pandering to her older conservative/religious constituents. “People should be at home with their families”… really? What about everybody else in the state that works on Sundays? Are they not worthy of family time?
    Wayne Roemhildt, Minneapolis

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