Minnesota House Defeats Sunday Sales Amendments, Approves Sunday Growler Sales

Minnesota State Capitol

Photo via flickr user rpeteg // flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2271921676

Two amendments to the omnibus liquor bill aimed at repealing Minnesota’s ban on Sunday alcohol sales failed to pass the Minnesota House this afternoon, though the House did follow the Senate in approving Sunday growler sales when it passed the omnibus bill 127-4.

The bill now heads to Gov. Mark Dayton for approval, which he is expected to grant.

The first amendment, raised by Rep. Jennifer Loon, R-48B, which would have given municipalities the power to choose whether to allow Sunday alcohol sales and would have continued the ban on deliveries of alcohol on Sundays statewide, failed 57-75.

MN Leg Vote 57-75

Minnesota House voting record on the first of two amendments aimed at repealing the state’s Sunday liquor sales ban. This amendment would have given municipalities the power to choose whether to allow Sunday alcohol sales and continued the ban on deliveries of alcohol on Sundays statewide.

Rep. Steve Drazkowski, R-21B, raised the second amendment, which was essentially the same but did not contain language regarding the delivery ban. It failed 48-84.

Following the defeat of these amendments and one aimed at allowing on-sale consumption of alcohol for people ages 18–20 with a parent or guardian present, the House overwhelmingly voted to pass the omnibus liquor bill. The bill includes language permitting breweries and brewpubs to sell growlers on Sundays, which is expected to become law.

Additional provisions in the bill that will be heading to the Governor for approval include allowing bars and restaurants to begin selling alcohol at 8am on Sundays instead of the current time of 10am and allowing brewpubs to sell their beer at the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild’s “Land of 10,000 Beers” exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair. The bill also gives local licensing authorities the ability to permit microdistilleries to sell one 375ml bottle of their products on site per day, per customer.


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