MN Brewery Running Series Announces 2015 Schedule

MN Brewery Running 5k at Bauhaus Brewlabs // Photo by Chris Moen

MN Brewery Running 5k at Bauhaus Brewlabs // Photo by Chris Moen

Out of the dozens of serious and casual runners in my group of friends, there’s something I’ve noticed they have in common—every one of them loves beer.

It may be coincidence, but with scientific studies pointing to beer as a superior post-run beverage to water, the recent record-setting sub-5 minute beer mile, and a running store in Colorado that serves 20 craft beers on draft, it seems that the beer and running cultures are inseparably connected.

Here in the Twin Cities, the beer and running worlds aligned back in 2012 with the creation of the MN Brewery Running Series—a series of 5k runs ending at local taprooms and pubs for a pint of local brew. These 5k runs/walks aren’t as competitive as other 5ks in the Twin Cities running circuit, instead MN Brewery Running Series opts for a more relaxed event to recruit people new to running. Since it’s inception the series has grown to include more of the ever-growing list of local brewery taprooms, attracting more beer drinkers to running and runners to beer drinking.

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On February 15th, the MN Brewery Running Series announced the 2015 schedule featuring 28 different 5k runs ending at breweries, brewpubs, cideries, and even a local distillery—the company’s longest season yet. Runners receive a free pint of beer at each taproom (or liquor sample at the distillery), but also a seasonal merchandise, and post-run entertainment including live music, giveaways and offers from partners, and access to local food trucks.

It’s a chance to kill three birds with one stone: cross local taprooms off your wish list, get in your daily exercise, and reward yourself with a cold beer. The season kicks off at April 4th at Dangerous Man Brewing in Minneapolis and runs through January 2, 2016 for a fun Lose Your Resolution event at Day Block Brewing. For more information or to register for an event, visit


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