New Brew: Indeed Let It Roll IPA

Photo by John Garland for Growler Magazine

Photo by John Garland for Growler Magazine

Indeed Brewing is set to release their new autumnal IPA this week. Let It Roll has a hefty dose of rye in the mash and will inhabit the colder months while Let It Ride is hibernating.

Let it Roll pours a dark copper hue with intense, lemony citrus on the nose. It’s a medium-to-full-bodied sip of caramel, zest, and spice. Unlike the dank, resinous hop notes that run wild in their spring IPA, Let It Roll’s citrus and bitterness is bundled up in a downy parka of comforting malt.

Get your first taste at Pat’s Tap tonight (see below) before six-packs hit stands in the coming days.

Indeed Let It Roll
Style: IPA
Malt: Pale, caramel, dextrin, rye, cara rye, crystal rye
Hops: Citra, lemondrop, CTZ
Yeast: Wyeast American Ale 2
ABV: 6.2%
IBU: 86
Availability: August-February



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