New distillery and cocktail lounge, STILHEART, coming to the North Loop in fall 2019

Image courtesy of STILHEART

We’ve been hearing rumblings all summer, and a press release confirmed it this morning: the team at Lawless Distilling Company is behind a new distillery and cocktail room concept, STILHEART, opening in the North Loop this fall.

The two-level space will have seating on both levels, including views of the downstairs distillery. The cocktail room will have 16 cocktails on tap, including low-proof and no-proof options.

STILHEART is being headed by Kirsten Karnitz, who left Lawless Distilling Company earlier this year. The new distillery looks to maintain a tight relationship with Lawless—the distilling operations at STILHEART will be run by Jeff Fricke, who will continue in the same capacity at Lawless, and STILHEART will be engaging the Bittercube group, long-time Lawless cohorts, to devise some more intricate cocktail experiences for the new space.

STILHEART’s business looks to be primarily concerned with on-site business. “The cocktail room is a key for success in the micro distilling industry,” the press release states. “We are opening the distillery with the sole purpose of creating an efficient, consistent, and sustainable cocktail experience.”

The distillery at 124 N. 3rd Avenue, next to Fairgrounds Coffee, is expected to open yet in late fall.